Title Insurance

Connection Title offers title insurance for purchasers of residential and commercial real estate that offers protection against loss from such issues as forgery, fraud, liens and other potential problems that could limit an owner’s property use or call into question its legal ownership.

We provide timely and cost-effective service during the various stages of the title insurance process, which includes underwriting, closing and recording, as well as the preparation of any necessary endorsements.

While the cost of a title insurance policy can vary – depending on the value of your real estate and other minor factors – you only pay for it once and the coverage continues for as long as you have an interest in the property.

By law, a basic title insurance policy offers protection against such risks as:

  • Your deed not being properly recorded
  • An erroneous or inadequate legal description
  • The lack of right of access to your property
  • Such undisclosed, but legally recorded, items such as a prior mortgage, lien against the property, an easement or a use restriction
  • Any cases of document forgery or impersonation
  • Claims of diminished capacity or a lack of competency being brought against any individuals involved in the transaction

As with any legal document or insurance policy, there are exceptions, exclusions and conditions that can limit or narrow the coverage levels and limits. Ask your Connection Title customer service expert for more details on these issues.